Compatibility Checker

Parking Garage Compatibility

Do you need to copy your parking garage remote fob? Take a look below at the variety of fobs we can clone for you! Feel free to contact us for more details.

RFID and Remote (100% Success Rate) 

If you have one of these remote fobs then great news! You’ll be 100% compatible with our service. We can clone your garage remote in minutes.

Tap and Remote (65% Success Rate for Remote) 

For these parking remotes, the manufacture actually uses the same shell across many different models. We won’t be able to tell 100% from a photo of we can clone the remote of not. However, we can try and if it doesn’t work we’ll issue a full refund!

Tap Only (No Remote)

For these fobs we can ONLY clone the “tap” portion usually used for the front doors, elevators, common areas. we are NOT able to clone the remote control portion of the fob.

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