Need to Copy a Key Fob in Vancouver?


Copy your condo key fob today in Vancouver with Fobcouver. Fobcouver can come to you and make a new copy on-site in 5 minutes or less. Fobcouver also offers drop-in appointments at our office in Downtown Vancouver.

The Process

How It Works

We Scan your Fob

Fobcouver starts copying your fob by scanning it with Fobcouver’s scanners. This will give us a better understanding of which fob you have. We know every single Fob system used in Vancouver by heart.

We Extract Code

Each Fob system in Vancouver is different. Fobcouver uses specialized software to extract the code from your key fob. Even if the numbers are rubbed off. Fobcouver’s readers can still get the code.

We Decrypt Data

To create the copy of your key fob Fobcouver must decrypt the information on your key fob. With many years of experience copying fobs in Vancouver. Fobcouver’s software can determine the exact algorithm to copy your fob!

We Write Code

The code will be the exact same as your current key fob in a digital sense. The same access as well, and no trace of it being a copy! Fobcouver provides a lifetime warranty on all copies. Fobcouver is the best fob copying service in Vancouver.

 The exact same key fob (digitally)

The Perfect RFID Key Fob Copy.

Make your key fob copy or garage remote copy today in Vancouver! Save hundreds from not paying your management. Fobcouver has you covered with a lifetime warranty, and money back if any problems whatsoever. 

No More coordination

Better Access For Your Vancouver Condo.

By getting yourself a new HID, AWID, Indala, or KeyScan key fob copy this week with Fobcouver, you don’t have to coordinate between friends, family, tenants, and cleaners about who has which key fob, and you also have multiple backups of your fob in case you lose it as well. Fobcouver makes getting fobs in Vancouver easy.No unnecessary registration for temporary family members visiting, for friends, and more.

List of Compatible Key Fobs

Fobcouver can do all if not most of all of these key fobs with an exact matched code. Your new fob will work the exact same as your original. With so many years of experience. Fobcouver knows how to copy any fob in Vancouver.

To quickly see if your key fob is compatible, please view the list of fobs Fobcouver can copy here! While you’re at it, check out some of our customer reviews from local Vancouver people on Google.

condo key fob rfid list

"Eric and his team went above and beyond for us! Besides making perfect fob duplicates with the same brand fob as the original, he walked us through every step in order to ensure we’d get our fobs as quickly as possible."

FobCouver Customer 

"I went to a place close by and they weren't able to copy my high frequency fob. I decided to go with fobcouver and they were able to do it within 10 minutes. Overall very happy with the fob and the customer service."

FobCouver Customer 

"So quick and easy. They come to you and I only booked like 30 minutes before they came. Reasonably priced and the fob works which is the most important part!"

FobCouver Customer 

For Everyone

The Perfect Solution to Tenants, Landlords, Cleaners, and Family.

Get the access you need by coming by our very own downtown Vancouver office to clone your key fob in 1-minute or less. Emergency lockouts, loss of your fob, or for general just in case purposes, we’ve got you covered with a warranty you can rely on. 

Most Trusted

Advanced Copying Software

Immediate Responses

Available Everyday

Genuine RFID Fobs

Well Known in Vancouver

Quick Booking Process

Most Supported Fob Models (85+)

Book Today

Are you ready? Let’s get your condo key fob copied this week, with after support to ensure you are fully satisfied with our key fob copy for use on your condo or apartment for long term and beyond.