How to copy your fob

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We copy it

Copying a key fob usually takes 5 minutes. We start the copying process by scanning your key fob. Once the scan is complete, we copy the data to a new fob. The two fobs will share the same ID code.

We Guarantee it

We offer a lifetime warranty. Click the thumbs up above for more details.

Why fobcouver?

We are dedicated to providing the most seamless service.
  • is it safe?

    We use the best technology on the market to copy your condo key fob. Other services may use cheaper scanners and key fobs. We however, use top of the line technology and the most durable key fobs. We also have many safety mesasures in place. If we break your key fob we will reimburse you up to $300 to replace it.

  • Can I test it?

    Yes you can definitely test your key fob copy or duplicate before paying. Simply leave your original key fob with us and test the copy. We personally conduct five quality checks before passing you our duplicated fob.

  • Time?

    A key fob copy or duplicate should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. On average, its takes 3 minutes or less to copy one fob.

  • Legality?

    Fobcouver is a licensed business in the City of Vancouver. Key Fob Copying and duplication is Legal under the BC Tenancy Act and BC Securities act.

What people say about us

We understand getting your fob copied the first time is scary. Key fob duplication definitely shouldn't be! Look at what previous customers have said about us! Feel free to click on the testimonials to link yourself to the original post!

Pricing For Key Fob Cloning Experts In Vancouver

We will price beat any competitor by 10% of the difference
Normal Fob Copy


  • ABS plastic key fob with key chain ring included
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Try before you buy guarantee
  • For RFID only
  • Mifare/IClass Excluded


  • Save by buying more!
  • Never run out of fobs again.

5 Fob Pack

Most Popular Choice!


  • Buy 5 copies of the same fob
  • Perfect for property managers&realtors
  • Does not apply to remotes or iClass
  • Mifare is included


Never get locked out again


  • 10 copies of the same fob
  • Free backup service
  • Delivery included

Remote copying

Copying of just remote


  • Need the remote as well?
  • We can copy some please check our compatibility checker for more details




  • Get a new fob with remote and tap functionality
  • Copy your remote and rfid fob
  • Please check compatibility checker for more details

iClass Cloning

Fobs that say iClass


  • Fob will say iClass
  • Usually black key fob with purple center


For High Frequency Fobs


  • Mifare fobs only
  • Usually a blue tear drop
  • Fobs that say MF
  • ICT Remotes with Raised black circle on back

On-Site Service

Copy your fob at your residence


  • Delivery inside downtown is free.
  • Outside of downtown is $2/km traveled
  • Most of Vancouver Approx: $10
  • Burnaby Approx: $20
  • Richmond Approx: $30
  • Surrey Approx: $60

Car Fob

Fob for your car


  • A new fob for your car
  • Only for Fob no key included
Check Compatibility

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