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Key Fob Copying

We copy RFID HID condo key fobs and apartment garage remotes. All our copies come with a lifetime warranty.

Remote Fob Copying

We copy Remote Key Fobs for condos check our compatibility checker for more details

On-Site Service and Office Location

We have a real office location that is available with no appointment necessary. We do also offer mobile service!Visit our appointment booking page to book online. Or call us at: 1-604 900-7883

RFID Stickers

Stick your fob to your phone for convenient access to your apartment.

RFID Multi-Fob

Clone up to 4 Key Fobs onto one key fob. Perfect for property mangers who don’t want to carry so many key fobs.

RFID Wrist Band

An RFID Wrist Band that you can place around your wrist. Prfect for when you’re running around or for people who lose their keys often.

Building Fob Supplier

We sell pre-programmed key fobs such as HID Prox, AWID, IoProx, Keyscan, Indala and the discontinued Keyscan TX4-PRX. Visit our Pre-Programmed Key Fob web page to learn more and purchase online.

FOb Copying FAQ

Cloning your RFID Key Fob has never been easier.
We are dedicated to providing the most seamless service.
  • How Do i copy my fob?

    Simply bring your key fob by to our office any day from 11am-6pm. Alternatively you can use our online booking tool to make an appointment.

  • What fobs do you copy?

    We copy RFID Fobs and Remotes. Popular brands include: HID Proximity, AWID, IoProx, Secrakey, Keri, Linear, Mifare, Salto, Liftmaster, Keyscan, ICT and much more.

  • Can I test it ?

    Yes you can definitely test your new key fob before paying. Simply leave your original key fob with us and test the copy. We personally conduct five quality checks.

  • Time?

    95% of key fobs will take less than 5 minutes for us to copy with our optimized process. The most it will take is 10 minutes for us to make a new copy. You leave with your new copy after your appointment.

How much does it cost?

We will price beat any competitor by 10% of the difference

RFID Fob copy

+$29.99 For Additional Copies


  • Includes Keychain fob/ Sticker/ Wrist band
  • Guaranteed to work or 100% Refund
  • Try before you buy guarantee
  • For RFID only
  • Mifare/IClass Excluded

Five Fob Pack

5 RFID Copies


  • Get 5 copies in one appointment (doesn't have to be same fob)
  • Free delivery INCLUDED
  • 10 Fob Pack for $200
  • Mifare/iClass/Garage remotes excluded

Garage Remote

+$24.99 for RFID


  • 4 Button Remote with RFID Chip included
  • Average wait time is 5 minutes.
  • Lifetime Warranty

On-Site Service

Copy your fob at your residence

Contact Us

  • Delivery inside downtown is free.
  • Richmond FREE from 6pm- 8pm (Weekdays)
  • Most of Vancouver Approx: $10
  • Burnaby Approx: $20
  • Surrey FREE Daily (Please Contact)


+$40 for Additional Copies


  • Mifare fobs are usually in new buildings or buildings with new systems.
  • Usually a blue tear drop
  • Will take up to 15 minutes to clone
  • On-site is not available due to encryption on the fob

iClass Cloning

+$60 For Additional Copies


  • Fob will say iClass
  • Black Key Fob with blue/purple center

RFID Multi Fob

4 Fobs in 1 Fob


  • Add up to 4 Key Fobs into one Fob
  • Free one-time Reprogramming

What people say about us

We understand getting your fob copied the first time is scary. Key fob duplication definitely shouldn't be! Look at what previous customers have said about us! Feel free to click on the testimonials to link yourself to the original post!

Contact us

Leave a message here and we'll get back to you. Feel free to call us at (604) 506-7793 if you wish to contact us by phone. If your fob has buttons on it please use our compatibility to get more details