Need a Car Fob in Greater Vancouver?

We can copy your car fob today in 30-60 minutes. All our services come with programming and lifetime warranty. Our prices are transparent and you will not be charged until you are 100% satisfied 

[Car fob duplication is available by appointment only]


Traditional Dealerships and Locksmiths have to stock many different models of Key Fobs to support a wide variety of vehicles. Having such a large inventory comes with a large carrying cost. Dealerships and Locksmiths also have to buy their inventory from the OEM. The combination of the large carrying cost and buying from the OEM is the reason for such high cost.

We make you a new car fob in a much different manner. We developed and built ONE universal remote and transponder. This allows us to stock ONE item instead of hundreds to do the same job. Since we now have ONE item we can guarantee ONE price.

With our advanced fob cloning technology we are able to copy a wider variety of fobs than our competitors at an unbeatable price. To get the remote working with your vehicle, we have to perform a pairing process that requires the vehicle to be present at the time of your appointment. Programming can take between 30 to 60 minutes, and we ask that customers park out front of the building. Parking is just $1/hour. 

We only charge after the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied with the results. If we are unable to make a new key fob and key for your car. You will not be charged. 

We can copy most fobs from major manufacturers such as Acura, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, and many more. The chances we can copy your fob or cut a key for you are very high, but fill out the request form below or call us at 604-901-3473 and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible! Our reply time is usually no more than 30 minutes. Please do not walk-in without contacting us first as we may be unable to do your vehicle.

At this time we are only programming our own key fobs to your vehicle. If you have purchased your own key fob, we may be able to program it during your appointment for an additional service charge of $60.

Was able to get a fob for my car even when I lost my original fob! The price was the best in town after calling several shops. These guys made a process which I expected to be a nightmare easy!


Needed a new copy of my car fob. Called Eric at Fobcouver and a technician was able to copy me a new remote for my car in under 20 mins. Friendly service!


We wanted a copy of our family car so our son could help to do grocery runs if we are not home. Called several places and this place was the best price I could find. The fob looks different but it works just the same, and they had a bunch of types to choose from!