Mail In Your Key Fob!

At Fobcouver, we understand that you can get busy! That’s why we came up with a solution to help you get your key fob copied without having to set up an appointment or come to our store at all.

Perhaps you are in another country, but still want to use Fobcouver’s services. No worries! Just use our mail in service.

 The best part about our mail in service? It’s as easy as sending any other piece of mail!

Send out your key fob

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It's as Easy as Sending Mail

We understand, you’re busy! Mail in your key fob, even if you’re across the world from our location in Vancouver! You will get a key fob mailed back to you within 1 week.

Get a Quick Answer

Email us with any questions about our process, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

We’re here to help.

Receive a LifeTime Warranty

At Fobcouver, we know how important access to your space is, which is why we back you up with a comprehensive lifetime warranty when you purchase any fob copy from us!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clone my remote?

Most likely, we specialize in RFID technology which is in each fob.

*Please note if your key fob has buttons on it please use the compatibility checker for more details.

Do you copy car key fobs?

Sorry, we do not copy car key fobs. We may expand into this area in the future.

Do you have other locations?

Yes we do!

  • For key fob copying in Toronto, Ontario:


Main website: https://www.fobtoronto.ca


  • For services in Sydney, Austrailia:


Is it Legal?

Yes, we are fully licensed through the city of Vancouver. Additionally, cloning your fob is well within your rights as a tenant and landlord.

Where are you located?

We are located in Yaletown, Vancouver. We also have a location in Toronto, Ontario and Sydney, Austrailia!

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed through the city!

Can you copy my fob?

Most likely! Please refer to our compatible keys page here.

Do you need a picture of my fob?

Possibly. If it isn’t in our compatible keys page, Click Me! Then we will need a picture of it.

Can you tell if it is a copy?

It depends. Digitally, your key fob copy will be identical to the original, down to the code. There may be some differences in the physical appearance to the original as we use aftermarket key fobs, but functionality is precisely the same!