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Are you in need of new KeyScan Inc remote key fobs since the discontinuation of the TX4PRX10 ELVUTOA 4 and 2 button key chain remotes?

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Keyscan tx4prx elvutoa remote fob


Are you in need of new KeyScan remote key fobs since the discontinuation of the TXPRX 4 and 2 button key chain remotes ?

Fobcouver offers a great alternative for buildings facing this dilemma. Don’t find yourself forced to upgrade your entire system simply because KeyScan no longer produces the TXPRX 4 and 2 button remote fob – Fobcouver can help! 

If you’re facing this problem contact us today. We can potentially save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. We have supplied many buildings and worked with property management companies such as; First Service Residential, AWM Property Management, DWell, Remax Property Management & Cross Roads Property Management just to name a few.

Each Key Fob comes with its own unique ID so you can properly identify each user in your own system. So our key fobs will work with your existing system no upgrades are necessary!

We offer a 100% money back and satisfaction guarantee. Along with a 1 year warranty on all key fobs.




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Our Perfect Replacement

Our key fob is a complete replacement solution for the KeyScan TX_PRX key fob. Each key fob is made of high-quality ABS plastic and includes a metal chain designed to last for years. As well as a high build quality, this particular fob is pre-programmed to send a unique traceable ID. Each key fob also includes a pre-programmed HID chip.

We can come on-site to test the new remote fob with you if you anywhere in the lower mainland!

Our key fobs come in boxes of 20 pieces per box. Volume discounts are available and all prices are in CAD. Please contact us for pricing.

Request More Information / Sample

If you would like more information or a sample. Please fill out the form below! If you are local in Vancouver, we can even come by with a sample to prove that it will work!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the key fobs look the same?

No, they will look slightly different.

Will the steps to programming the fob into the system be the same?

Yes, they will function exactly like the original key fob!

Will it open the garage door and the normal tap scanners?

Yes, they will work in exactly the same way as the original key fob!

What is the minimum order quantity?

We require a MOQ of 30 pieces. We can provide a one time sample with no MOQ!

What is the price?

Please call for pricing. Our price per piece is between $35 and $50.

How long will it take to deliver?

A sample can be delivered to you within 2 business days. Smaller orders can usually be filled with stock on hand. Larger orders may take up to 3 weeks.

Does it work for garage and regular doors?

 Yes, it will work for both.

How do I order?

Please give us a call at +1 604-506-7793 or email at eric@fobcouver.ca for service!

 1-Business Week

Save Thousands and Get Your Pre-Programmed Remotes.

Have pre-programmed remotes sent to you and save hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new system access replacement!


Choose A Plan That Works For You

Get your pre-programmed remotes in as little as 1 or 2 business days!


Reach out to us when you’re ready to get your fob copied or if you have any other questions!

We are available 7 days a week & provide a lifetime warranty to each and every customer! Ready? Let’s go! 

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