Phone as Fob

How to Copy RFID key fob to iPhone and Android

We can copy your existing key fob to your iphone or android. The new key fob will work exactly like the original and you will always have it with you on your phone. It’s much more convenient for you to use! This process is compatible with all phones!

Since key fobs use rfid technology and not nfc it is not possible to copy a key fob to an iphone or Android via an App. The only way to copy a key fob to your smart phone is to copy it to a sticker. Once the sticker is placed on your iPhone or any smart phone it will work as a Key fob for your condo.

How key fobs on phones work:

  1. We copy the existing key fob onto one of our RFID sticker fobs.
  2. We test the copy on a location on your phone as placing it over the antenna might interfere with the operation of the new fob.
  3. That’s it now you can have your fob on a very convenient location.

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