Franchising Opportunity

Key Fobs are a Fact of Life Now.

With over 45% of the Canadian population living in condominiums and growing. Demand for new key fobs is constantly growing. Almost every new development with have a key fob system implemented. This provides an ever growing customer base for your new business

We Provide Everything you Need.

Starting a store that copies key fobs for condos and apartments can be a smart and in-demand business opportunity. Many residents of condos and apartments use key fobs to access their buildings, and these fobs can be expensive to replace if lost or damaged. By offering key fob copying services, you can provide a cost-effective solution for property managers and residents who need extra copies or replacements. Providing training to your staff is essential to ensure that they can operate the equipment and technology required to copy a variety of key fobs accurately. Additionally, effective marketing to property managers and residents can help to promote your business and generate new customers. With the right investment in equipment, staff, and marketing, starting a key fob copying store for condos and apartments can be a successful and profitable venture.

You will be able to Provide a Needed Service.

As a full service key fob copying and supplying business you will be providing a needed not wanted service with inelastic demand. You will be able to copy key fobs for tenants, owners, property managers, and even supply buildings.

How do I get Started?

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