Keyscan Blue Fob Copy

You have selected the “Keyscan Blue” Fob

We can only clone the tap portion of this fob. We are unable to clone the remote.

The tap portion is $45 for one, $30 for extras, $135 for 5 & $200 for 10.

Sometimes, this remote fob will have a mifare chip. If it has a mifare chip the price is $60 for one and $40 for extras. If it has a mifare chip the back of the fob will say “1k” on it.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Options for Copying:

  1. Walk in to our office

    Feel free to walk into our office during our business hours.

  2. Set up a mobile appointment.

    Our technician will come on-site to copy your key fob. Please fill out the form below to request mobile service

  3. Mail-In Your Key Fob

    Follow the directions at our
    Mail-in page to have your key fob copied remotely.

Save time by booking online.

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