How to Copy Radiokey SecuraKey Fob

Are you looking to copy your RadioKey Securakey Key Fob? Securakeys are a popular key fob in Vancouver and we able to clone this key fob for you in a matter of minutes.

RadioKey Securakey

We can copy this key fob in minutes for you. To copy a Radio Key Securakey. Follow these simple steps:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Are you looking to clone your Securakey Key Fob for your apartment? There is no need to fill out multiple forms and wait many weeks for a new key fob anymore. Getting a new key fob for your apartment is the easiest it has ever been. Having your Securakey key fob copied is a very simple process with our easy to use service. So to get your Securakey key fob copy simply:

  1. Setup Appointment

    Setup an appointment by calling us or using the online booking tool. If you book online you save 5%

  2. Meet Technician

    Our technician will meet you either at the office or on-site your choice! the whole appointment will take no longer than 5 minutes

  3. Enjoy your new key fob!

    Your new key fob is built to last and should not break. We will replace any broken key fob as long as you bring it back to us. Check out our warranty page for more information!