Thank You!

Thank you for contacting us we will be in touch shortly! Meanwhile here are some frequently asked questions.


***Please note if your key fob has buttons on it please use the compatibility checker for more details ***

Do I come to you or do you come to me?

It depends what works for you! We strive for 5 star service so we try to work around your schedule! We’ve done jobs as early as 7 am or as late as 11:30 pm!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, email transfers, credit card and paypal are all accepted.

How long does it take?

For all fobs that we do except for Securakey fobs, we can complete the service in less than 5 minutes. Securakeys take 20 minutes to clone.

What if it doesn’t work?

If you have any worries about the fob working please feel free to ask for on-site service! We don’t charge you anything if it doesn’t work. If you come to us, we check your copy at least 4 times before passing it back to you. You are also welcome to take the copy and try it before paying (you must leave the original with us though).

How does the finished product look?

Our most popular product by far is our black key fob pictured here. We also have sticker fobs the size of a quarter for those who want them too.

8 IMG_20160402_135636

Do I get a discount for bulk purchases?

If you purchase 20 or more fob copies we offer a bulk discount of 20%