Franchising Opportunity

Key Fobs are a Fact of Life Now.

With over 45% of the Canadian population living in condominiums and growing. Demand for new key fobs is constantly growing. Almost every new development with have a key fob system implemented. This provides an ever growing customer base for your new business

We Provide Everything you Need.

We will provide you with everything from the equipment to the marketing tools needed to ensure your business is successful from the get go. We have started many successful franchises over the years and we want you to be the next success story.

You will be able to Provide a Needed Service

As a full service key fob copying and supplying business you will be providing a needed not wanted service with inelastic demand. You will be able to copy key fobs for tenants, owners, property managers, and even supply buildings.

How do I get Started?

Please get in contact with us by emailing eric@fobcouver.ca with your resume and past work experience. We will start with an hour long phone call to discuss your past experience. Please note we do screen applicants and only accept those with appropriate experience into our franchising program.