B2B Services

Property Managers

If you’re a property manager we offer bulk pricing based on the following table (minimum 10 fob order).

Number of copiesPrice per copy
First 10$30
Logo Printing$50 for entire order

Strata Managers

We can create unique key fobs for your strata at a very competitive price. Minimum order quantity is 30


Type of FobPrice per fob
Normal RFID Tap Fobs$15
RFID and Remotes (key scan)$50

Locksmiths/Key Cutting Shops

We love partnering with local business to offer our services. You may choose to have us come to you whenever you have a customer who wants a copy made. You may also choose to have a machine and blank keys on-site to make them whenever you please. Our machine comes with our software which can create a copy within 5 minutes.

Machine Deposit$500
Revenue sharing50/50

Feel free to contact us for more details!